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1.0IntroductionHistorically, ABC Corporation has been quite successful in defining value proposition and communicating our message, and in the delivery of high quality products, support, information and value to the corporation's customers. There is room for further growth in the company by the extension of the company's marketing reach through new Public Relations (PR) initiatives that will explore new ways to communicate with customers, vendors, media markets, and the local community, and also expand the current marketing programs. "We have a great picture to share to our audiences and offer an outstanding value proposition to customers, we simply need to be more effective telling our story in order to be more visible and take our business to great new heights." (Markus, Ursula. 2002)The primary focus of my proposal is to ascertain to what extent our PR activities could reach to our key public, developing relations with our media. With our new vision and mission, our main objective is to promote and develop a strategic PR plan that thoroughly embraces the latest technologies and make them a part of our overall communication effort.

2.0Our Present PR Activities2.1Key Publics: Outstanding number of target audiences which comprise our customers, vendors, trade media, national and regional media, local community and internal staff and employees.

•Our customers who fully understand all the services we offer- 60 percent•Customers who visit our website- 45 percent•Customers who receive marketing and other promotional details - 35 percent.

•Customers who also purchase from our competitors- 50 percent2.1PR Functions: Our organizations strongest back up is good media relations, along with successful PR Events, product launches, participated in press events, awards and corporate functions, events and seminars for our loyal customers.

2.3Finally the Direct communication which is on going PR functions where we have direct contact with our key audience such as emails,