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Grand Canyon UniversityIntroduction:Founded in 1982 and based out of Redwood City California, Electronic Arts develops markets, publishes and distributes video game software playable on various platforms such as personal computers, Nintendo Vii, GameCube, X Box, Play Station, and wireless devices. The company develops a wide variety of games such as role playing, racing, fighting, multi player on line games and combat games. It is best known for its wide collection of sports based games. These sports games are based on real world sports. The most popular ones are Madden (NFL football), FIFA (world cup soccer), NBA (pro basketball), MLB (pro baseball), Tiger Woods Golf and several other collegiate versions as well. (Staff, 2009)The company is the largest third party video game maker in the world with annual revenues exceeding 4 billion dollars. (Staff, 2009)In this paper I will try to evaluate the company’s level of corporate social responsibility according to Archie Carroll’s social responsibility framework.

There are other key issues I will address such as servant leadership philosophy, internal and external influences on their product content and its attempt to acquire one of its major competitors, Take Two Interactive.

Social responsibilities:According to Archie Carroll corporate social responsibility can be broken into four main categories, economic responsibilities, legal responsibilities, ethical responsibilities and philanthropic responsibilities.

Economic responsibilities:The most important part of a business is to be an economic institution. This can be defined as an institution whose objectives is to produce goods and services that a society wants and to sell them at prices that people feel represent the true value of the goods. It must also provide the company with adequate profits in order to ensure its survival and growth. (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2000)If you look at the amount of products E A sports sells on an annual basis there is...