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1.0 Introduction

"E-Marketing" is using Internet-based marketing systems to create awareness, demand, and feedback, and to gauge responsiveness for the market acceptance of products and services.

The world has begun to discover and utilize resources that merely a few years ago were only being used by government, university researchers, and a few adventurous souls. The resources consist of many tools, but the Internet is the fastest growing among those tools. In order to make the best use of the technology, it is often important to know how certain technologies have evolved. With deepening complexity and diverse applications growing daily, the e-marketer and e-merchant nowadays are learning more about commerce characteristics and promise of the World Wide Web. However, the management of the electronic marketing needs to understand the factors that influence consumer behaviour on the internet in order to develop strategic electronic marketing plans to increase the use of commercial internet web-sites by consumers.

In general, there are four wide-ranging classifications of commercial internet web-sites shown as follow:


Those websites with communication purposes should have free of exchange of information on the web page with ease of navigation with proper placement of contents and information. In the commercial environment such that exists at the

moment, information is king. For example, with the Australian online newspaper for The Age (www.theage.com.au), the website contains full amount of up to date news and entertainment information for online user to browse through. Online user could obtain the most up to date news and information that they want or need.


With online ordering website such as the Village Cinema (Village Roadshow) (www.village.com.au), it has information on current and upcoming releases, competitions and session times which allows the online customer to order a movie ticket directly online without having to queue up on the...