Electronic Medical Records-Patten-Fuller Community Hospital

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Running head: Electronic Medical Records-Patten-Fuller Community Hospital

Electronic Medical Records-Patten-Fuller Community Hospital

Elizabeth Bryant, Jeremy Frick, Pennie Lowe, Greg Watkins


Craig McCormick

University of Phoenix

Table of Content

Electronic Medical Records Project

Background and Statement of Need

Project Objectives

Mission and Goals Project

Project (Plan) Approach

Project (Plan) Organization

Task or Responsibility Matrix


Task Flow Network and Critical Path

Project Schedule

Project Reporting

Cost Plan

Project Baseline

Performance Measurement

Project Evaluation and Reporting

Results of the cost and schedule, or performance alternatives

Risk analysis

Formulating cost, schedule, or performance alternatives

Forecasting budget and schedule completion

Methods of corrective action taken

Managing expectations

Project Termination

Electronic Medical Records-Patten-Fuller Community Hospital


Patten-Fuller Community Hospital is in search of a highly efficient medical records system that not only offers the capability for storing the organization's information electronically, but also presents the capacity for hospital personnel to collaborate with one another on a daily basis.

Patten-Fuller Community Hospital's management staff has recently selected a highly specialized team to fulfill the organization's requests and with these requests, Patten-Fuller Community Hospital has also solicited a full report detailing the team's comprehensive analysis. In the following pages, the team details the complete contents of the electronic medical records system project with a thorough emphasis detailing the enhanced system's capabilities. The team firmly believes Patten-Fuller Community Hospital will be entirely pleased with the team's results and recommendations.

Background and Statement of Need:

Patten-Fuller Community Hospital located in the city of Kelsey is a nonprofit health care organization that provides quality healthcare services in the community since 1975. The board of directors, employees, community, visitors, investors, and patients are the stakeholders. Patten-Fuller has a bridge connection to the hospital executive, facilities, human resources department, finance, operations, and information technology data center. The other...