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The proposal which will be central to the research outlined below is the marketing and promotion of a newly created Educational Voluntary Organisation involved in the promotion of debate within schools and Universities in Wales. Such an organisation faces particular challenges in marketing its services to a recognised group but with distinct difficulties in promoting its work in a crowded market place and where the consumers are not necessarily the customers.

In particular we will need to identify:

Why do teachers want to promote debating skills? Existing curriculum or educational trends with which debating could link and support.

Developing the profile and projecting an image of expertise in theory and practice with the market and competitors/suppliers/partners? Identification and purchase of material or membership links with other debating/educational bodies.

How to get the message to teachers, lecturers and students? The structures and contacts for entry into the educational market place.

Is the product appropriate to the market? Identifying appropriate materials and resources as well as delivery methods.

Has this already been done? Identifying global examples of where the work is underway or successful and where support, financial or other, has been found to complete the work.

It is recognised that a range of material is available from a variety of sources which will include:

Contemporary sources: i.e. trade press, newspapers e.g. The Guardian Newspaper (Guardian Society and Education), the Times Educational Supplement and a wide range of publications for schools on curriculum development.

Government sources: including statutory bodies e.g. Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (ACCAC), Welsh Joint Education Committee (WJEC), Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA), National Assembly, Department for Education and Skills (DFES), Local Education Authorities, Education Leaning Wales (ELWa), Her Majesty's Inspectorate (ESTYN).

Company/Organisations data: customers, competitors, suppliers e.g. Publishers, National Education Organisations promoting extra curricula activity to...