How elementry students were treated in China.

Essay by muzzyterry October 2003

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"Man, this is horrible! I never thought it would be this bad!" thought by me as I was nervously standing at the corner of the front classroom sweating. Do not even think about this as a speech project or debate tournament or anything like it. This is instead a punishment, a punishment for talking in class; a punishment that severely affects a student's physical and mental development; and a punishment that should be stopped.

Retrospectively thinking about five years ago, life was ridiculous. That was when I was still in China and enduring that never-going-to-end type of middle school life. Evil and more evil is all that I can use to describe it. No one could ever imagine how strict the middle school system could be in China and they would shake and twist and punch their own head completely without control that the "No way!" coming out of their mouth simultaneously would even seem impossible to distinguish.

Normally when someone thinks about a middle school teacher, they would have kindness, gentleness, loveliness and all sort of positive characteristics filled up in their minds. But the situation takes a complete U-turn when it comes to those extremely strict Chinese middle school teachers. Pure evil is not how I describe them, they are nice and kind people like most of us, and they all have one common purpose: to lead their kids to success. It is only that the way they manage to achieve this goal comes out to be too severe for most kids to accept. Being a middle school student in China is not a simple task, it is more likely being in an Army that starts with severe training lessons: everyone has to sit up straight, leaving their hands behind their backs at all time, and yes, I...