What are the elements of good advertising?

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What are the elements of good advertising?

Good advertisement one of the most important components of your success in business. For example if you wand to sell something for good price and in short period of time you won't manage without good and effective advertising. The question arised is "which actions will make the advertisement successful ?" The points I am going to argue about are the elements of good advertising in three medias: Radio, TV and Newspaper.

Radio is the "portable" broadcast medium via which you can broadcast an effective advertisement. People listen to radio at the same time that they drive, work , study, or read. So, you must grab the listeners' attention and hold it. The first step is to make sure that your advertisement reflects a single, basic idea. This is one of the most important elements of good advertising: Decide exactly what you want to sell, then sell it, and only it .Your

advertisement should reflect the way you talk - clear, uncomplicated and informal. Vary the lengths of sentences to create a flow or rhythm that makes it pleasant to your listeners. Ear cannot easily take in large blocks of information. Select only the most essential facts and information. Also don't use abbreviations, unless they are appropriate and very well known When possible. do not use medical, legal or scientific terms because someone who will be listening your ad won't be able to understand the meanings of the words. Whenever an address or telephone number is part of your advertisement, try to mention it at the end, to help your listeners remember it.

All of the rules that are applied to radio advertising should be followed when advertising on

television as well. The only difference is that, with television, you add picture to sound.