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The human spirit is a very evident quality in the novel All Quiet on The Western Front. The novel portrays human indulgence, complications and intellect. Throughout this essay, you will see many aspects of the human spirit, which will be related to the novel for a better understanding of what the World War One experience must have been like.

In the novel All Quiet on The Western Front the life of a man, Paul Baumer, is exposed to us the reader so that we may grasp what emotions were felt and what actions were done in these situations.

Paul Baumer is a brilliant, freshly graduated, high school student that is made to believe or persuaded that he should go to war and that joining the war was a great service for your country. Of course, his opinion changes after he gets there. He finds himself shutting out people from his life other than his closest friends or his comrades for if something where to happen to them, he would be deprecated thus giving him no will to live.

Throughout the novel, we see Paul going through times of loneliness. When he returns home on his break, we see him in his old town. He visits his mother and his little sister and he stays with them for a week. During this time, he goes out to a bar and he strikes up a conversation with a local. The whole time when they talk, Paul really does not want to be there. Then after they say their good-byes, Paul thinks to himself "I prefer to be alone, so that no one troubles me." (Erich Maria Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front, Page168) We see this many times while he is fighting in the war. Often, by himself, he...