Elements for Organizational Success

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There are several key elements involved in the formulation and management of a successful organization. These elements include organizational behavior, organizational culture, diversity, communication, organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and organizational learning. All elements play crucial roles in success and any business lacking one or more of these elements may face failure.

Organizational behavior is defined as "the study of individuals and groups in organizations" (Organizational Behavior, 2005). Organizational behavior is better described as a learned discipline that is based on scientific methods and promotes the contingency approach of management. This means that management practices should correspond to the condition of a situation. In other words, management should react according to the circumstances, not the same way regardless the situation.

Organizational behavior is prevalent in my workplace and managers are often chosen due to their good sense of judgment. Each manager in my organization must take into account all of the conditions before making a decision.

Some of these conditions may include budget, time to resolve, customer satisfaction, and reputation of the company. If not all circumstances are evaluated before a decision is made, the company is likely to receive a negative response to the decision.

Organizational culture is defined as "the shared beliefs and values that influence the behavior of organizational members" (Organizational Behavior, 2005). A successful organization will have a strong organizational culture. The organization will have a common set of ethics and values that all employees should be responsible for following. This will help promote teamwork and innovation regardless of differences in employee backgrounds. Strong and positive internal culture is reflected outwardly to stakeholders and potential customers.

My company strives to build a strong organization culture among its employees. New employees are sent to a week-long team-building retreat called Pathways. This gives...