Elements of "The Scarlet Ibis"

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1. Plot - The plot is a series of related events that make up a story. The plot of this story is the trials and tribulations the narrator and his little brother go through.

A. Conflict - Conflict is a struggle between opposing forces. The 3 types of conflicts are Man vs. Man, as in the narrator trying to teach Doodle to walk, Man vs. Nature, as in the narrator and Doodle trying to get out the storm, or Man vs. Self, as in the narrator trying not to accept his little brother's disability as an inhibitor to the both of them.

B. Climax - The climax is the turning point of a story or emotional high point. The climax in this story was when Doodle learned to walk. This was the turning point of the story and falling action followed it.

C. Falling Action - Falling Action is a series of events that lead to the resolution.

After the climax which was the scarlet ibis dying, therefore making this period a period of falling action.

D. Resolution - The resolution is the outcome of the conflict. After the climax there was the falling action. After the falling action there was the resolution which was the death of Doodle.

2. Theme - The theme of the literature is revealed by analyzing characters. To analyze characters you must look at the following:

A. Motivation - The motivation is the cause of an actions. For example, the narrator taught his brother to walk so he could be a normal.

B. Behavior - Behavior is the action of the characters, as in th narrator being nice to his brother.

C. Consequence - Consequences are the results of an action. For example, because the narrator left his brother, he ended up dying.