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Review of The Elephant Man The Elephant Man was about a man who was born with abnormal qualities. He had very different features from that of regular man. People would gasp at the sight of him. When the play started he was the center of a freak show. One day the man who ran the freak show abandoned him because he wasn't making enough money. A doctor who had been interested in studying the elephant man's disease, took him in, with the disapproval of others. He tried to find a nurse to take care of the elephant man, but they were all to shocked at the sight of him. One day the doctor introduced the elephant man to an actress. Amazingly, the actress did not run out of the room when she saw him. The actress and the elephant man became good friends, and the actress introduced many important people to the elephant man.

Unfortunately the elephant man's life ended shortly, and he died at the end of the play. What I liked best about the play was when they were describing the elephant man's disease. They showed slides of the real elephant man, and as each slide of a different body part was shown, the actor distorted the same body part while he was standing under the screen. It made it much easier to picture the actor as the real elephant man. I also liked the part when the doctor was having a nightmare about himself being different then what society accepted, like the elephant man. If I were to change anything, I would have the actors speak more clearly. Even though it was necessary for the actors to have accents, it was hard to understand what they were saying when they were talking fast. What I remember...