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Eleven by Lauren Myracle

This book is about a girl named Winnie and it starts on her eleventh

birthday. After her party things start to change and her best friend Amanda

becomes friends with a mean girl named Gail. Winnie becomes friends with

Dinah who is really nice but not popular. Lots of things happen during the

year that make Winnie feel likes she is growing up but she doesn't want to.

Winnie likes Toby and asks him to be her Valentine. Toby says yes and

Winnie is very excited. At the end of the book when Winnie is turning

twelve and her parents tell her she can't have a big party. Instead she can

only take one friend to dinner. Winnie chooses Dinah and when Amanda

asks to come to her party Winnie tells her the truth and it makes Dinah feel

good. Winnie figures out Dinah is a better friend then Amanda.