Eliminating Rubbish

Essay by kanonefodder November 2008

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We know right now, our environment is getting worse and worse with the increase of rubbish getting leave apart. Our environment itself is affected by our own daily actions and often times we see rubbish are everywhere not in the place is should be in. Nowadays people don’t even think and care about this things call rubbish, they just care about their own things and leave them up on the street without realizing of its bad impact to our environment. They’re not showing their public responsibility as citizen to keep their environment clean and uncontaminated from any polluted sources. And now this small problem of rubbish being thrown everywhere has made a huge problem for our beloved environment.

It could created such a serious impact to our environment which could lead to a flooding problem, street blockade because of indisposes wastes, and off course an unhealthy dirty environment. It’s just like one of the major problem here we’ve seen in Surabaya which is flood, we can’t blame the environment for this disaster because mostly this flood happened because of our own human fault.

It comes from our own rubbish that we threw in the sewer which as a result wills blockades the stream of the water that runs through it. And not just only that, don’t you know that the plastic bag and can produced by most food products you’ve thrown in are also a serious threat to our environment and natural resources. Not only do they spoil our streets and parks, but they can also take up to 1000 years to break down. These plastic bags are the one responsible for blocking sewer and harming our wildlife, both water and land based animals. Maybe it’s just a few examples of many other impacts that this rubbish could create and...