An Elite Government

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America has always been based on wealthy people and large corporations who work with government officials in order to obtain power. By doing this it helps keep the majority of people who are uneducated in a disadvantage. If looked upon in recent years, advertisements, interest groups, the news media, and the political parties it is pretty easy to understand that the private sector control and government elite have a say on jow policies are set up in government.

The elite have created a monopoly in order to keep the public unaware and un educated about political issues as a result of their wealth and authority. Political issues thanks to the media entertain the public, but the public knows nothing about the issues that change their lives. Since the media is run by elite businesses, their main concern is to make more money and rather than to inform viewers about important issues.

News programs are supposed to entertain and keep the audience interested so that their ratings are high, which will lead to more profits. " Television news, much like its entertainment counterpart, is for profit. Consequently, many issues find their way onto the political agenda because they are entertaining and provide profit for corporate"¦"(Schultz 158) This puts majority blinded about political issues, so they are less likely to vote, in which again power is in the hand of the elite. It is disturbing to think that, " in the past thirty years, the educational level of Americans has increased, which theoretically should have increased voter turnout," but has not. "In the recent presidential election of 1996, only 48 percent of registered voters went to the polls. The voters are deserting the polls in large numbers."(Schultz 153). With the technology we have and issues the United States has been through such...