Elizabeth, Queen Of England

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Elizabeth I was crowned Queen of England in 1558, and held the English Throne until 1603. When she was appointed to the crown, religious differences between Catholics and Protestants had already brought the country years of turmoil. Elizabeth I was able to solve these problems by setting up a national church. This church was to be the only legal church in England. The people of England were required to attend its services. An absence would result in a fine. She was able to do this by setting up a state church which moderate Catholics and moderate Protestants would accept. As a concession to Protestants, priests in the Church of England were allowed to marry. They could say their sermons in English, not Latin. As a concession to Catholics, the Church of England kept some of the trappings of the Catholic service such as rich robes and golden crucifixes. Under Elizabeth, the Book of Common Prayer was revised to be somewhat more acceptable to Catholics.

In the movie, Elizabeth persuades a large group of bishops to vote for the creation of a national church. She wins this vote by 5.

Elizabeth faced many problems during her rule. First, she had to face the internal conflict in her country. This being the fighting between Protestants and Catholics. Following the creation of the Anglican Church, many Catholics wanted her dead. Elizabeth's actions also angered many leaders of Catholics States, including: The Spaniards(Philip II). She also was threatened by Scotland, who had a fierce army. Another factor, that I thought would eventually ruin her reign, was her love. At the beginning of the movie she was deeply in love with a Dudley, as she was forced to become more mature, she grew apart from him. In the movie it says that she whispered his name on her deathbed.