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Samuel Bertin


Ellen Moore was graduated as the to female from her high school when she was only

16 and immediately began working full time for the main branch of one of the largest

banks in the country.

After graduating with an MBA from leading business school, she had joined her

husband, who was working as an expatriate manager at an offshore bank in Bahrain.

Ellen begun working at the company.

In this case, I going to explain the different dilemmas of a Western woman working in

Bahrain, in a Arabic country.


Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands located in the Persian Gulf. The main island,

Bahrain, comprises 85% of the almost 700 square kilometers of the country, and is the

location of the capital city, Manama. Several of the islands are joined by causeways

and in 1987 the 25 kilometer King Fahad Causeway linked the principal island to the

mainland of Saudi Arabia, marking the end of island isolation for the country.

In 1971,

Bahrain gained full independence from Britain, ending a relationship that had lasted

for almost a century. Of the population of over 400000 people, about one third were


Main problem:

Shock between two types of cultures

Most Bahrainis are parcticing Muslims. According to the Muslim faith, the universe

was created by Allah who prescribed a code of life called Islam and the Qur'an is the

literal, unchanged world of Allah preserved exactly as transcribed by Muhammed.

Muslims pray five times a day. During Ramadan the ninth month of the Islamic

calendar, Muslims must fast from food, drinks, smoke and sexual activity from dawn

until dusk.

Accordingly, to function successfully, the expatriale must understand and leran to

accept a very different structuring of a society.

As everybody knows culture...