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The Way It Really Was.

Way back when, the music was all rhythm and blues (r &b). It was recorded mostly by black artists and for black audience but the white teenagers became interested. R & B, country and pop were the three genres of music. Music stations usually played one type of music so listeners could easily find what type they wanted. Pop had 4 major recording companies. RCA, Columbia, Beca and Mercury. These companies had very good connection and could make a small band very big! Pop music had a subdued beat and smooth singing. R & B had black artists for black audiences. Country Western had the least affect by Rock and Roll. People who recorded at small independent music business and put out a record, they were called Indies.

Adult response to Rock and Roll

Many adults did not like Rock and Roll or the effects it had on the children of America.

They felt it was vulgar and rude and labeled it the "devils' music". No matter how hard they tried, teenagers became the main buyers of Rock and Roll records. Seeing this many R & B artists modified their songs to suit Rock and Roll. Then Elvis came along! That changed a lot.

Elvis has meant many things to many people all over the world. He has gone from Rock'n'Roll to Hollywood Heartthrob, back to Las Vegas megastar. But if you look carefully Elvis was nothing than a mere boy raised in the south that was taught to love his mama and Jesus. These are the basic things that made him a great rock and roll legend. Elvis changed the face of rock and roll forever with his dance moves, sexuality, style of clothes, long hair, and different style of music that was not...