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Elvis Presley Elvis Presley started his career at a very early age. Elvis was one of many rock and roll singers who loved their music, but Elvis was different than most singers. He thought about his fans as much as he thought of himself. Thinking about and satisfying his fans year after year allowed him to be known as the king of rock and roll. Elvis Presley was a rock and roll singer that no one could ever forget because he was generous, loving, and talented.

Elvis was very generous toward all of his family members. George Thompson II. and Robert Cole states that "Elvis [Presley] had bought Graceland, … back in 1957 for a little over $100,000" [which] "He intended it to be a gift to his parents" ; "But his mother, Gladys Presley, died in 1958 of cirrhosis of the liver" (12). Elvis had a hard time dealing with the death of his mother.

Molly Ivins notes that Elvis "was a generous and often sentimental man" and "He deeply mourned the death of his mother, and kept a suite for his grandmother, … at his home in Memphis" (D18). Elvis was also generous to his fans. Ivins writes "Mr. Presley also gave Cadillacs away with startling frequency" (D18). The article "Elvis Presley Biography" states that "When Elvis died in 1977 he had give away ALL the billion dollars he had earned, mostly to charity" (3 of 3). Along with all of Elvis's generosity he was also a very loving person.

Elvis was a loving person toward anyone. Elvis made sure that all his friends had everything they wanted. Sean O'Neal confirms that Elvis "spent $100,000 on trucks for himself and his friends". He even gave trucks to the three carpenters he'd hired to build a new barn …"...