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Elvis Presly was born in 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. In Pentecostal churches during his youth, Elvis was first exposed to gospel music. He also listened to other music during his youth such as, country-and-western, and also blues music. At the age of 21 he recorded his first songs of major label. They were "Heartbreaker Hotel", "Hound dog", and " Don't be cruel." These songs became very successful. Ha also found thrill in other things besides music. He liked acting. From 1956-1958 Elvis starred in four motion pictures. All of his movies had soundtracks, which featured him. The songs were "Love me tender," (1956) "Jailhouse rock," (1957) "Loving you," (1957) and "King Creole." Elvis also found a love for his country during his lifetime. Yet he was most famous for his singing career, he also served in the United States Armed Forces from 1958-1960. After he served he got back into his music and acting.

He loved them both so he put the both together. When he appeared in many musical films in the 1960's.

During the 1970's Elvis had some personal difficulties. Elvis began to retreat from public appearances and was rarely seen outside of Graceland. After awhile he became almost a recluse and eventually he died in 1977. He had a long term drug dependency which people thought had some affect on his death. His death a subject to some controversy has been officially attributed to heart failure.