Emall: A marketing plan for a virtual mall in Egypt.

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In this paper we present an abstract idea for the creation of a professional service firm as well as shed some light in regards to the development of the strategy and the structure of the company. This paper is intended to be a prelude to a formal construction of a business plan with an emphasis on the business model, legal structure, and the operating system. The formulation of this company is taken within the context of the Egyptian market.


When one starts to closely examine the Egyptian market, one begins to wonder why such a large market has not developed in the area of e-commerce like most world markets have. With an exploding population that is almost 75 million in size, ranking it to be one of the top 20 countries in the world in terms of population, the potential and need for such an electronic market is almost unavoidable.

It is a mystery why very little has been done in trying to tap into such a vast potential and why many organizations are still reluctant to make the move into the e-world.

For that reason the idea of creating a virtual trading center arose; a place on the Internet where the Egyptian trading community can offer their products to the local market, and open possible outlets into the world at large. The basic idea is very simple: creating a virtual "shopping center" that consists of a large number of shops, each with different products and services. The visitors of this shopping center will be provided with a complete shopping experience from the comfort of their homes or offices. The clients for that virtual trading area will consist of two different groups that need different considerations: the "buyers" community and the "sellers" community.

The first group is the...