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Hannah Crass

Mr. Kennedy

AP English Language 11

19 September 2014

A Most Unfavorable Circumstance

Everyone has had a day that seemed to be progressing fairly well until some unexpected event turned everything around; something so embarrassing, so mortifying that it seemed as if time itself had come to halt and would remain frozen in this moment forever, making it impossible for anyone to ever forget. It is not until after a considerable amount of time has passed that one begins to reflect on what occurred that fateful day and realize that maybe, just maybe, the incident wasn't as bad as it seemed. Over the course of my life, I have had many experiences such as this in which it seemed appropriate to crawl under a rock or remove myself from any outside contact and live in isolation. One occurrence, however, has yet to be matched by any other.

The day began just as any other: simply a typical day in the 5th grade.

I attended all of my classes in earnest, content simply to be amongst my peers. Time ticked on, and still I breezed through endless assignments, as happy as I could be. My good mood continued even through the sounding of the final bell. I gathered my things quickly and bounded down the halls toward the place I was to meet my friend. Jesse, who also happened to be my crush at the time, had only began attending my school this year and, since his mother and mine both taught there, we spent almost every day after school together in the nature walk behind the playground. We would follow the wooded path, marveling at a new type of flower we had never noticed before or studying an interesting animal from afar. On this particular day, Jesse and...