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I woke up with a bundle of joy. It was my birthday and I was finally 10. Mom and Pop would give me a gigantic pastry and everyone would celebrate my birthday. My little teddy bear was smiling at me, and in a sense wishing me happy birthday. I expected my parent to rush in and hug me And then wish me, and celebrate and sing, but that didn’t happen. And none of my friends called. I got out of bed and walked out of my room to see everyone behaving normally. And I, but I couldn’t and but I just didn’t believe that they had forgotten. I got up on the couch and stood on the tipsy tip of my toes to scan the house for and gifts. But there were none! I went up to my mother expecting an outburst of joy on seeing me but, she had forgotten too.

I was madder than cut snakes and I started behaving like a bear with a sorehead. And I yelled. And started crying. Spit started spewing out like a volcano. Then I went and sat in a corner. Then I realized that my parent and friends could have had arranged a surprise party and I got all happy. Then my stupid friend called me up and asked me to come over to his place. I now knew that I was right and that they had planned a surprise party. But I stayed all quiet and decided to go to that dumb guys house. His father came to pick me up and I stayed all quiet. Those three minutes of driving time seemed like 30,000 hours and I tried my best not to fidget. Finally I got there and my friend reached out for the door and was...