Embodying Identity

Essay by poteti April 2004

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Human life does not stop for anybody or anyone and that is why the things change with the passage of time. It is a learning process and the learning curve shifts as we move along the life and the patterns change for the bigger good of the people. Some events, experience, and activities reinforce differences and these are the differences that become pronounced between the boys and girls. Similarly the expectations also change with the time factor.

It is part of human nature that as we witness things and as we experience things they act as deterrents and as re-enforcers for the human behavior. That is why the things that we bear witness too while still in our young age have an important bearing on how we perceive things and how we react to different conditions. That is all a part of human nature. The catastrophes and the problems have another important impact and they often have a deep lasting impact how the way the things get shaped out.

That is the case, which is so true for most of the scientists and the researchers because there were things that these people witnessed in their tender ages and they made sure that over their lives they are going to find solutions to those problems. Tornadoes and storms and bombings are other things, which cast that imprint on the hearts and the minds of the people, and they tend to fear things of that nature and magnitude over their lives.

It also depends on how active and inactive we are when we are young because our later lives depend on how good and how able are we when it comes to interact with such problems. It is part of human nature that the boys are more active in outdoor activities...