Embracing the American Identity.

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Devotion. Patriotism. Loyalty. These emotions are used to depict the overall description of National Identity. America is a nation composed of many identities, which are able to ultimately unite and form as one. The ability to unite as one people allows us to form a strong national identity. The capability to unite as a whole is needed when a nation faces extreme adversity or when having to handle a national crisis. However, is this the only time when we truly show our form of nationalism? Time and time again, it has been proven that during a national crisis, Americans are able to form a strong sense of national identity. If we are unable to embrace our national identity until it is brought to our attention, then as American's we are merely waiting for the next attack upon our country.

National identity is composed of several different factors that lead to the separation between different nations and their members.

A country is generally recognized by its people who share many similar characteristics such as a common origin, language, and have a responsibility towards each other, as well as their nation (Barclay 12-13). Common similarities between individuals of a nation allow members of that nation to feel that they are closer to one another due the language they speak, principles that they abide by, and the culture that they have inherited - a common national identity. This identity gives its members a valuable sense of belonging and value. Many other nations are shaped by a certain ethnic group that has inhabited a particular region over a long period of time. However, in America, we are a nation that is composed of many different ethnic backgrounds, customs, and cultures (Nations).

When a national crisis emerges, many Americans put aside their own problems...