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The topic of sex and marriage is one that varies incredibly in the many diverse cultures around the world. Although sex and mating is considered biological and marriage is a cultural issue, they are both very controversial and widely diverse in a cross-cultural outlook. The views and practices of sex and marriage are extremely different from one culture to another. In our text Cultural Anthropology this topic is discussed very comprehensively. It touches on many issues including the definitions of marriage, human sexuality, same-sex marriage and incest taboos.

Literature Review In writing this paper I concentrated mostly on the text, Cultural Anthropology. Cultural Anthropology gives the reader a very detailed account of all issues that surround the topic of sex and marriage in the world today. It outlines the views of Canadians along with the views from around the world. I also read another article called Human sexuality: Cross cultural readings by B.M.

duToit. In this article the author deals with most aspects of human sexuality, it gives adequate acknowledgment to the fact that most peoples in the world do things differently from North Americans in relation to sex and marriage.

Human Sexuality Human sexuality can be defined as the way society and an individual describes the ideals and roles of ones sexuality. Cross-cultural studies on sexuality have become more common in the past few decades. Studies have shown that there is significant cultural variation in the way sexuality is viewed, practiced and controlled. (H,F,L,C) These studies show that culture regulates sexuality and sexual behavior. The practice of homosexuality is common around the world, but the definition varies cross-culturally. In western culture homosexuality is defined as the desire to have sexual relations with a member of the same sex. In other cultures it is based more on gender roles...