Embryonic stem cell research and use: Why embrionic stem cells should be used? a basic overview.

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Stem cell research has many practical aplications in our lives today. Stem cell research is the only area in medical science that could be taken right now and positivly affect everybody in the world. Embrionic is almost a must use for most expansion in science. Embrionic stem cells can help ilnesses, diseases, and injurys. Embrionic stem cells can save and improve billions of lives.

Although many people say that there are other ways instead of useing embrionic stem cells, there isn't. many other theorys are to use what are called adult stem cells. adult stem cells have lost there malubility, so they cannot change as easily as embrionic. they are stem cells that are found in blood of adults and in the umbilical cord.

Stem Cells can be used in almost anyway imaginable. they are the precurser to our very humanistic life. they can inpotential become anything. we (if using them properly) have the power to regrow limbs, nerve cells, and create new organs.

it is able to help in any potnetial threat to life.

How stem cells would be used. Stem cells would be put into a container that would alow them to live and reproduce as needed. when somebody say, has a really bad cut. the Docters would spread stem cells onto the cut and add a certain amount of hormones that would tell the stem cells to grow as of what is needed. it would then be a fully functional unit, with out leaving any form of scar what so ever.