The Emergence of Poetic Meaning

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The Emergence of Poetic Meaning

Samir Karmakar

The emergence of meaning in case of any literary work is a complex one, because of being a multitude of so many different factors, such as history, culture, social belief system etc. It is the complex interwoven system of those factors within which the person gathers its existential momentum. In that sense it can be compared with the notion of three dimensional Euclidian plane where a point can be located with respect to the three imagery axis, intersecting each other perpendicularly. Moreover fourth dimension of time is also a crucial one. This one is a simplest example to visualize the notion of person, with respect to a referential system. The only difference is that in spite of having the number line as its axis, the underlying referential system has the axis of different subsystems of socio-cultural parameters of synchronic importance. The number of parameters though has been fixed as four but in reality it may be any number n, depending on the need of the interpretations.

Why is it so? Because the emergence of meaning is a personal apocalypse, in a particular point of time. And the concept of person is a myth - a metaphysical reality, which is not at all invariant across the space and time. And in present day situation the concept of person becomes the most crucial one because of the emerging complexities of the geo-politics. But before going to discuss, our above mentioned topic, a consensus should be developed that once being produced as a text a literary work can not be considered as a meaningful one until and unless it comes into a contact with the subjective reality. Because once being produced, it becomes the part and partial of the objective world. What ever multiplicity in its...