Emergency Communication

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Unsuccessful communication

In emergency communication, there is always a need for effective communication since the information is usually needed for both emotional and physical comfort. The focus on emergency communication where it was problematic will be based on Bell Lighting Systems Limited. In the year 2010, there was a disaster at the company's headquarters occasioned by a fire break out. Owing to the fact that the headquarters are housed in a five storey building; effective communication was necessary so that workers could be rescued. In this scenario, there was a need for a timely, clear and accurate communication.

Elements in the unsuccessful communication

There were several elements in this case. To begin with, there were emergency alert systems. The systems were meant to use warning signs to alert the employees who were in the upper floors. In order for this system to work effectively, all the workers must be fully aware of the ringing and the response to be made to such an emergency.

The other element is that the company had an alternative of using oral communication. The company could have applied announcements by using a public address system. The final element is that all the occupants of the building should have met at the fire assembly points for a head count(Berg, 2009).

Factors in the unsuccessful communication

In this fire incident, however, there were over 50 casualties, which was higher, than it could be expected. The main factor that led to the loss of lives was primarily poor communication. The first factor that is attributed to this is that the emergency alert systems did not work effectively. The alarms turned on in the first and third floor only despite the fact that they were installed in all floors. Furthermore,