Emergency Management as a Fire Marshall

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As I looked over all of the positions that I could choose from, I decided on the position of Fire Marshal. I feel that this job best fits my skills and characteristics.

I will talk about the duties a Fire Marshal has in emergencies, and why my traits fit this very demanding position.

During an emergency, the fire departments are a very important part of the emergency services group. When first arriving on the scene, the threat must be identified and reported. Then the appropriate action to control and eliminate the hazard. As Fire Marshal, when at the scene you must make sure that the dispatcher is notified with the correct information. Next, the Incident Command System needs to be implemented.

Once the Incident Command System is in place, determine the response level, I, II, or III. The next responsibility is to establish the hazardous area, complete with staging areas that are upwind.

Another responsibility is to make sure that only properly trained responders are being granted into the hot zone.

There also must be a designated evacuation area. As the marshal you must coordinate all response activities.

The Fire Marshal must also setup a Command Post.

This includes providing the identity to the threats to the appropriate emergency forces and people in the vulnerable area of the accident.

These tasks and duties are just an outline of the responsibilities that a Fire Marshal has. I feel that I have many qualities and experiences that make it a good fit for me. Being a part of a Fire Department, one must possess great teamwork skills. I feel that from my past wok experience and background with team sports, that every success that I have achieved has been in a "team" setting.

My education includes a degree from Concordia...