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Millions of acres are destroy by wildfires each year in the United States (Bonsor, 1998), and in just seconds, a wildfire can take on a life of its own, finding ways to keep itself alive, even spawning smaller fires by throwing embers miles away. In the Neighborhood articles, the community is faced with the devastating and destructive nature of a wildfire, and yet neglects to prepare for its impending possibility. Emergency Preparedness is everyone's responsibility and should be taken seriously because through safety interventions and preparedness, lives, and property can be saved.

The Neighborhood

According to Apollo Group, Inc. (1889), The Mayor's description of the Neighborhood is quite impressive as he proclaim, "The weather is pleasant year-round allowing our residents and visitors to enjoy many outdoor recreation activities including hiking, biking, camping, swimming, boating, golf (para. 1), and he compliments the communities excellent public education and health services. The Neighborhood is a community is where 64, 200 people live.

Many residents in the Neighborhood have chronic health problems worsened by dangerous smoke of a nearby wildfire.

Community Health Threats

These residents are not enjoying the recreations of outdoor activities and are encouraged to remain indoors to avoid the smothering affects of air pollutants and smoke-filled air. Community hospitals are overwhelmed with request for beds for new residents seeking health care for both acute and chronic health problems, the units are filled with patients with emphysema and asthma, the staff is pressured to discharge patients to accommodate new patients in acute distress related to smoke inhalation, and the school nurse struggles to maintain respiratory patency of asthmatics whose parents do no find necessary to provide emergency medication in the event of respiratory distress or collapse. Families with pre-existing respiratory and cardiac conditions require more medications and oxygen to handle the...