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Emergency Room Today I visited the emergency room and learn a lot of different information. First of all, the first patient the doctor went to see was a female patient that was in a car accident. She got hit at an intersection and then hit someone else. Also, she had her seat belt on and her airbags went on. There was pain in her lower back and knees. She was also pregnant and she drank and smoked. The doctor informed her that they were going to take x-rays on her back and from then on they would know what to do. Next, there was a that had chest pain. The male patient felt spasms in his heart around 8:30 A.M. His heart was hurting and it felt worst throughout the morning and he also had pain throughout his shoulders. Each spasm lasted a few seconds to a minute. Also, it hurted when he sat up and he could not take deep breaths.

The doctor explain that pain in the heart is not necessarily always a sign of a heart attack and that he does not think the pain came from the heart because his heart rate and EKG was fine. It could be pleurisy, which is the inflammation of the pleury. The symptoms of pleurisy are tight feeling in the chest, nausea, and shortness of breath. It also could be a disease of the blood vessel of the heart that could cause sudden death or even a heart attack. That could be cure by angiplasty or opening of the blood vessel with a balloon. The doctor informed the patient that some blood tests were going to be done. Overall, I enjoyed and learned a lot from this rotation.