Emerging Australian Identity

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It has been evident that the origination of the land named Australia is from the British. Since then there have been major changes in this land until now which makes the latter to identify itself as Australia. From the arrival of British convicts and other British to the days of federation until now Australia has been displaying its clear and unique identity day by day. The feelings inside the convicts and settlers in Australia for British, the native Australian feelings, the impression and messages displayed by the Australian writers and painters and the sense of nationalism and independence among Australians, show how Australia has been into major trends of transformations and changes.

During the historic times, England brought its convicts, military officials and some of its major people in currently known Australia and they settled down here. The first English men in Australia considered themselves as British and they felt England as their home.

They brought with them variety of British values, culture and behaviours. They were completely British. They dressed like British, they ate British food, they grew latter's plants. Their customs, religion, law, education, sports, buildings and their whole life style followed the British Life. The Royal occasions in Britain were also celebrated in Australia. Writers and Painters displayed a sense of British belonging. Writers used to compose verses in respect for Britain and Painters images used to show Britain inside Australia the cities, streets and towns were given names similar to the English type. Australia helped Britain in international conflicts and wars. When sea ships came from overseas, they used to shout 'from home' (SV, 2004).

Despite these sense of belonging for England, the people had to face crisis. The soil in Australia was different from England, the farmers tried hard to plant the seeds...