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Technology to many people means computers, but technology is in every thing we use, it is in your clothes, your car, and even your hair. People use technology everyday and do not know that they are using it. Technology as a whole has advanced rapidly through the years. While technology already on a grand scale, is only going to advance beyond your imagination. There are people creating something new everyday, or just simply reinventing something good to make it even better; For example the wheel, first it was made of rock, then eventually made of rubber, which is more practical to use. Necessity creates most of the useful technology; a car is a good example of this, because people wanted to travel faster and further, could you imagine traveling to a relative's house in another state by walking. Universal translation is a goal of many businesses around the globe; imagine being able to talk to some in another language with out a translator.

Next is a discussion on synthetic biology and nanowires. All of this then finishes off with T-rays and RNAi therapy, which are highly useful in the medical profession.

A bilingual computer may sound somewhat mysterious, until you can see what it can do. IBM's Watson Research Center in Yorktown heights, NY's employee Yuqing Gao has one. In an experiment, a scientist speaks mandarin Chinese into a personal assistant. In a few seconds, a female voice speaks English (Huang). The uses for this are extraordinary. "This system is designed to help doctors communicate with patients, and can be extended to other languages and situations (Huang)." Gao's software " extracts the most likely meaning of the text or speech, stores it in concepts like actions and needs then expresses the same idea through another language (Huang). This system...