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Ralph Waldo Emerson was born on election day, May 25th. Emerson was the fourth child of his father, William Ruth Emerson. His mother was the daughter of a distiller. His father was a liberal minister. Emersons grandfather built th Old Manse church. As a boy he looked for his family and to townsmen and school for ideas. Ralph Waldo Emerson turned his early practice in sermon making to lecture making. When he was nineteen he served on Bostons line and wrote to his class- mate about what he felt and what was going on during this time. Emerson wrote his first poem " History of Fortes" when he was ten years old. Emerson claimed that ecstasy and metamorphosis were evil principles of the universe. After surviving a mentally hard life, Ralph Waldo Emerson seemed to gain more tolerance toward life. All his deep feelings, emotions, and thoughts showed truth the way he looked at truth, within himself.

Ralph Waldo Emerson certainly was a man of inspiration who knew how to express himself by writing the best of poems and philosophical ideas with inspiration. Emerson took part in a new philosophical movement called Transcendentalism.

In 1836, his first book, Nature, was published. Nature expressed the main points of Transcendentalism. With this, Ralph Waldo Emerson started the Transcendental Club the same year. Emerson showed his liking under a new religion founded by nature. By the crowds that he drew, Emerson refreshed the minds, of people who were thirsting for some truth. Who better to provide this than Emerson himself, who, searched within himself and became a man with life again.