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THE DEATH OF MY SISTER By Gary Lewis It was another typical spring in Maine. School had just let out and I was really glad it was finally over. I wasn't really planning anything special to do over the summer, except maybe just hang with my friends, watch TV, and sleep. I was plenty tired of school and homework. The bus finally turned the corner of my street. The ride on the last day of school always seemed the longest. As I descended the steps a gust of wind hit my face. I approached my house and knocked on the door. After a few moments my baby brother Chris answered the door with my pet dog Tasha behind him. As I went inside I saw my mom sitting on the sofa reading a book. "Hi John," she said. I waved and told her to call me when dinner was ready.

I then went up to my room to play on the computer.

Hours passed and then finally she called me down for dinner. As usual my older sister Allison was asking my mom if she could go to a party at her friend's house tonight. My mom asked her who was going to be at the party. She said just a couple of really close friends and one other girl, Amy Wolf whom she really hated. After some careful consideration my mom said, "yes." Everyone sat down to eat. My mom brought over some chicken. About half way through the meal I asked where my dad was. My mom replied, "His flight was canceled due to bad weather and he will be home tomorrow afternoon." Soon after the phone rang, it was my friend Keelan Burgin. He wanted to know if I wanted to go fishing tomorrow morning at Moose Head Lake, I said, " Yes," and hung up the phone. I finished dinner then went to bed.

The next morning I woke up really early because I was so used to waking up for school. Keelan didn't tell me where we were going to meet but I figured we were going to fish the same place we always had. I got dressed then went to the garage to get my stuff then I was off. The place I hoped we were going to meet at was only about a mile away from my house if you took a pathway Keelan and I made a few years ago that went straight to it. When I got there he was not there so I started fishing. At least a half an hour later Keelan showed. He said that he got a late shower last night and he overslept. The whole time we were fishing Keelan kept looking across the lake at some bushes and I didn't think anything of it. Fishing was a complete waste of time, we didn't catch anything and after a short while we decided to go. It was then that a state trooper walked down a hill towards us. When he reached us he said that somebody was reported missing and that he had to take us home. I was the last to be dropped off. After getting out of the car I went inside and found several police talking to my mom. It was then that my mom came over to me and told me that Allison never came home from the party last night. At first I thought that she just went to a friend's house and fell asleep, but I was told that she never showed up at the party. I said, "Well how about that girl, Allison, said she doesn't like. My mom ran over to the police and said, "That's right, Allison did say a girl she didn't like was going to be at the party. The officers said, "What is her name?" "Amy Wolf," my mom replied. They said that they would look into it, and then they left. Later someone knocked on the door. I opened it. It was my dad. He said, "Hi," and then my mom ushered him into another room to tell him the bad news.

Days past and then finally we got a phone call and were told to turn on channel seven. We did as told and watched. The reporter said that the murderer of Allison Barrack confessed. They then showed a picture of Keelan I was shocked both at the death of my sister as well as the fact that my good friend Keelan killed her. Keelan said he was invited to the party because the kid that was throwing it was his cousin. I was reading a book in my cousin's room when all of a sudden someone started climbing in through the window. The first thing I did was grab a pen that was lying right by me and then stabbed the person's face. My first thought was cleaning the blood that landed on the wall. I then worked up the courage to look outside. At first I couldn't see anything so I got a flashlight turned it on and looked for that person. I spotted him about eleven feet away from the window. I jumped outside walked over and looked at him. The only thing was that he was a she and she was my friend's older sister. I was terrified. The pen I stabbed her with was lodged in the corner of her eye. Blood was literally squirting out. I dragged her down to Moose Head Lake, which is near my cousin's house. When I got down to the lake she was moving a little bit so I shoved her head into the water until she stopped. I hid her in some plants growing in the frigid water then went back to the house to get a shower and go home.