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Michelle Alvarez

Instructor James Carney

English American Lit. 2326

September 14, 2014

Emily Dickinson had been one of the best poets of all time. Emily hadn't been very famous for her work until after her death in 1886. As a young teen Emily Dickinson had learned her poetry through reading William Wordsworth, who her father had found his work Inappropriate. Ralph Waldo Emerson was another influential writer that had a great impact on Emily and her writing in poetry. Dickinson mainly wrote about grief, joy, love, nature, art, and god. The poems that I had choose to write about would be three poems that stand about death. The way that Emily thinks is about love and death. The Bustle in a House, I Felt a Funeral in My Brain, I heard a Fly buzz- when did I die.

In the three poems that I have chosen from Emily Dickinson is her perspective of death and the darkness of the death in morality.

The way that the speaker speaks of death is confusing but yet showing the perspective of death and its mourners.

The Bustle in a House

What Dickinson had been talking about here in this poem sounds like her loved one passing away? She was obviously was in a relationship with someone who had passed away. The way she speaks about death in this poem of her loved one is relating to her breakup with one, which makes her feel as though that certain person is dead, in which it feels like a funeral to her. By "putting love away (Dickinson)as she does not feel as though she can handle it ever again "until eternity (Nina Baym, 2012)It seems as though she is speaking about her love passing away and she will not be able to see this one...