Emily dickinson "i am nobody! who are you?"

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In this poem "I'm Nobody! Who are you?", Emily Dickinson is referring to "they" as people that have substantial standing, such as famous people. She speaks of "How dreary to be somebody... to tell your name the livelong day" I feel this shows a sense of reality. It seems as if "they" would live their lives showing themselves to other people. In a way, everything they do is for show, for others to see. I would rather be a nobody and sit and watch the "somebody's" run around showing themselves.

This poem is particularly appropriate for young readers so that they see it is better to be yourself. If all young people could take this in and understand it, maybe there would be less of the "clicks", the tension, and the violence among each other. These children live in this world where they are taught to be who they are expected to be.

If you look and talk like a loser, you're a loser, and you will be a loser for the rest of your childhood. As apposed to if a new kid were to arrive and just look appealing to the "cool" kids, they would be accepted in a heartbeat. This does not only fall under the fault of the children themselves, there are many parents out there that think they need to show off their kids to other parents. They lie, and pretend to everyone that you are this awesome child and when they come home they tell you how you need to do better and that you're making them look bad.

So when I read this poem it just makes me think about our society and how we are expected to be these certain people. Why would you want to be these people, live life...