Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman

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1. Short Essay (If you were coming in the Fall)

Emily Dickinson has a very distinct style of poetry. She uses slantline (incomplete thoughts) which she delveloped in this poem, If you were coming in the Fall. She also uses one of her classic themes, love. The theme love by itself is much too simple, however, here she adopts the more developed theme of hope of romantic fulfillment. Basically it is love between two people (I assume people.) The mood of the poem is very hopeful, with the author offering to throw away time just to be with the lover. The end of the poem, however, has a slow, sad-like ending. "But, now, uncertain of the length of this, that is between, it goads me, like the Goblin Bee-that will not state." This means that the author is unsure of the time, and that her ignorance huants her, however not hurting her.

Throughout the poem, there are numerous similies, some more complex than others. She compares the summer with flies, and life with an orange rind. This is a daring simile, however powerful. Emily Dickinson stuck to her standard style of poetry, theme and mood all traditional to her. It is another one of her 1776 great poems.

2. Long Essay (Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson)

Throughout history literature has been shaped by society and broken by authors. Literature has given cultures the ability to tell a story. One of the most important sections of literature is the art form known as poetry. There have been many great poets dating back to the ancient Greeks. Just a few hundred years ago, two of the greatest poets existed here in the US. Those two poets were Emily Dickinson, and Walter Whitman. Both would lead totally different lives, however they would...