Emma and Clueless Comparison. Based on Journey's.

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Imagine entering an enormous, narrow hall, one side totally covered with mirrors, the other a plain white wall reflecting nothing but the light. Chairs are set up along the mirrored side, therefore when you sit down you are facing the white wall. Just think how many of you would take a seat and how many of you would prefer to stand and groom yourself in the mirror before entering the exhibition? I guarantee, majority would prefer to be able to take the opportunity of the mirrors to reapply lip colour, apply mascara, or alter a hairstyle. Believe it or not, the world is forever becoming more obsessed with appearance and I chose the mirror affect as an introduction to my exhibition titled ?Vanity?.

When people are the center of attention and feel they are important, they often succumb to vanity. In both Emma and Clueless this is certainly the case.

Emma?s indulgent father, her status in society, and her own self-importance has meant that she succumbs easily to the flattery of others. But Emma is not the only one, Frank Churchill is convinced that his charm will overshadow his deception and Mrs. Elton is sure her status as a married woman makes her a superior human being.

In the case of Clueless, Cher feels that her beauty and wealth makes her a special person and her indulgent father?s praise of her persuasive powers of getting her own way only increases her sense of her own value. Christian too has obvious pride in his suave manners and good looks.

I believe that vanity is a major theme throughout Emma and Clueless, however it is even more essential and fore grounded in Clueless than Emma. We all know that Vanity existed in both texts, and comparisons can be made, however vanity really...