"Emma and Clueless" Video Comparison.

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Emma and Clueless

Anyone who's had a wealthy friend agrees that money can go to one's head. This arrogance of affluence is clearly portrayed in Jane Austen's novel "Emma", as well as in the film adaptations "Emma and Clueless". Both the novel and the films display the strange behaviors of men and the foolishness of women. Consequently, men try to take charge and be considerate of women and women strive to become the perfect package for men. Both sexes struggle to do their best, but it is still thought an "absurd idea" for two people of different social classes to couple. Even though the style and era of Emma and Clueless are distinct, the role of men and women as well as their social status is coincidentally similar.

Emma and Cher, each the protagonist of their own film, despise interaction with people of a lower class. In Emma, she assumes that since Mr.

Martin is a farmer, he is illiterate. Just as in Clueless, Cher is disgusted by Travis in the way he chooses to dress and present himself. The parallel characters, Mr. Elton of Emma and Elton of Clueless, each attempt to pair themselves with the protagonist. While in the carriage, Mr. Elton declares his love for Emma. She is deeply surprised and declines his offer, as she believed that Mr. Elton and she were "very good friends, and nothing more." Emma thought Mr. Elton had been growing fond of Harriet Smith, but he disappointedly speaks further and patronizingly compares his family to "common Harriet", overall stating that they would not make a good couple. All the same in Clueless, Cher agrees to allow Elton to drive her home. During the car ride, Cher tells Elton she'd "like to see him settled already" and...