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Journalism Emotions



Mistrial Case of Emotion in Journalism

The St. Louis Post - Dispatch presented the mistrial case of Mayor John Thornton's death in different articles. Seven examples that represented types of emotional reporting of the news will be rewritten from the feature story entitled, Claim of bribe by police brings Washington Park murder case to mistrial.

In the title, "Claim of bribe by police brings Washington Park murder case to mistrial". This article is about the death of the City's Mayor of Belleville, which the assumptions of bribe by Washington Park police detective Kim McAfee brought the case to a mistrial. The article has too many different stories, in which the case provides no correct supporting data to finish the case.

The case begins with it's strange attitudes and statements, when a supposedly eye witness LaQueshia Jackson "brought her claims of witness intimidation and police misconduct punctuated by a dramatic physical collapse on the stand."

Since LaQueshia Jackson collapsed supposedly because of the dramatic scene she had seen even though her information did not match up with others, the quote must have been written in a different form to make the story real. LaQueshia Jackson brought her claims of witness intimidation and police misconduct following with a "pretend collapse of stress."

When defense lawyer Thomas Keefe III "asked her just one question before she collapsed and went into what court officials described as a seizure." Re-writing this sentence without emotion might look like, "Lawyer Thomas Keefe III asked her a specific detailed question, she collapsed in discomfort."

When Chief David Clark talked about his detective, he was quoted saying, "I was not familiar with the latest turns of the murder case, I certainly hope it's not true", he said. Taking out the underlined words from...