Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence

The four domains of emotional intelligence, according to Goleman, can be taught as people affect a range of abilities in school and workplace. According to Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence is defined by how well people handle themselves and relationships. Of the four domains of emotional intelligence, defined by Goleman, people should practice self-awareness and self-management. These two domains are most essential for individuals to develop and employ in everyday life. Self-awareness means that an individual knows their own emotions and clearly understand their strengths and weaknesses. In the academic journal, "Leadership Development through Emotional Intelligence and Meditation," Dr. Maynard Brusman said "Nurture a positive view of your-self; develop confidence in your ability to solve problems." Dr. Maynard Brusman is a license psychologist. Brusman explained how understanding self-awareness helps people stay in control of situations and avoid emotionally charged behaviors and decisions.

A person should employ this domain in their everyday life because it makes you look professional or look good in relationships. Also, in the academic journal, Brusman said "Keep things in perspective." By that Brusman explains how people should maintain a positive outlook on themselves. A person should pay attention to their emotional and physical well-being; engage in activities that brings joy and relaxation to themselves. Next, self-management, this mean that an individual knows that one can make a positive alternative for any situation. In the article, "Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development," Dr. Golnaz Sadri said, "understanding emotion, involves labeling emotions and understanding the relationships associated with shifts in emotion." Dr. Sadri explains a person should effectively manage their feelings within oneself. People should employ weighing conflicting emotions against each other to determine how one should react. People will suffer from anxiety or have to face fears at...