Emotional Intelligence

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Principles of Management

October 3, 2014

Emotional intelligence is defined in our book as "the composite set of capabilities that enable a person to manage himself or herself and others" (Goleman, 1995, 1998)

Emotional Intelligence is a very powerful tool. Emotions can enhance your thoughts, transform relationships and behavior. I realize now that I by using this tool it will allow me to understand myself better. Overcome my work-related challenges, and build healthy relationships.

In the context of the role that I play in the financial organization which I work for. The settings are always very professional due to the necessity of rapid change. There is a constant need to find ways of becoming self-motivating. In discovering these tools of awareness I was able to explain to my colleagues to embrace this innovation, they can capitalize upon their special talents and skills. I work in a diverse workforce so I can understand how their emotions will change.

At first I could see that the Skills assessment that I handed out to them, made them feel uneasy and a bit afraid. However, I discussed my personal score and in a way they felt more at ease. By the end of the week, all of them had handed them in. We had a question and answer session to discuss our findings. We recognized that this exercise is extremely useful in reducing the interpersonal conflicts, tensions, and even crises that are internal to all human organizations and groups. We realized that we were all capable of applying these tools to improve our everyday lives. I know that we will constantly improve profitability, productivity in the workplace.

A Colleague Mike has been a good colleague of mine for about a year now. He was hired as a Private Wealth Investor catering to...