Emotional Intelligence

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IntroductionEmotional Intelligence indicates a person's ability to manage ones emotional mind with intelligence in every life situation. Emotions have a large role in influencing our decision-making as well as how we react to others and situations that we face daily. Having control over ones emotions permits us to aim for and achieve our goals, objectives and personal growth as well as the goals of others when placed in a managerial or leadership role.

My personal objective from this course is to increase my understanding of how emotional intelligence educates me to respond without resentment and anger when my organization repeatedly re-positions me into any position they deem necessary regardless of the position being outside of my career goals. This course will assist me to better understand how to respond properly in all situations in my daily life.

BodyMy organization has taken on a perspective that each division, department, manager and employee should be "plug and play" into other areas of the business.

The process has been titled the HOS system or Honeywell Operating System. This system merits employees for behaviors instead of accomplishments. Some employees are overloaded while others have little to do to get them through the eight hour work day. As long as an employee responds according to the HOS philosophies, then they are rewarded while others hurdle huge accomplishments and are negatively rewarded or not at all. When an employee speaks up about how they feel in relation to the skewed workload or the "plug and play" movement from position to position, they are re-assigned, receive no human resource support, are written-up and are asked just to deal with it or the manager will state that they will attend to the problem and no resolution is ever achieved. There have been indications of our division being absorbed...