Emotional IQ and its importance in business today

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Today's business environment is constantly changing. In order to keep up with this unpredictable environment employees must be able to adapt. This skill and other like it are not attributed to the employee's technical abilities. An individual's ability to adapt to changes around them, communicate, as well as be optimistic are related to one's emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is loosely defined as one's ability to monitor one's own emotions as well as the emotions of others. It is becoming an increasingly important topic in today's business environment.

Prior to studying Organization Behavior, I was somewhat aware of emotional intelligence. My knowledge of the subject was based on the different skill sets that make up the general area of emotional intelligence. I was aware of such skills as self-awareness, optimism, empathy, and other skills of that nature. I however, did not know that these could be grouped and labeled as someone's emotional intelligence level.

Based on these facts I would say that my overall knowledge of Emotional Intelligence is higher than that of an average student. I have always had an interest in subjects such as interpersonal communication, as well as various philosophy courses. The philosophy courses, though at first may not seem relevant to Emotional Intelligence, have helped me approach problems with an open mind to all possibilities. This skill has allowed me to develop other skills outlined in The Emotional Competence Framework reading such as influence through logic, communicating thoughts, as well as team capabilities.

Overall I would say that this topic is new to me in different ways. Although I have some knowledge of the skill sets detailed within the framework of Emotional Intelligence, the way it is presented is new. As such I am approaching it in a new way. The way I have viewed it...