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Elizabeth Drew once stated,"The world is not run by thought, nor by imagination, but by opinion,"And I could see what she was saying. In this day in age we have to be very careful to what we state as an opinion because you never know who you might be offending. But don't you think we have ourselves to thank for the way things are today. We are in a world full of followers so when someone once thought that a something was offensive then everyone else went along with it and if that was the majority then the minority was stuck and forced into establishing that into their believes because there are always going to be those enforcers.

Emotions are part of a management system to co-ordinate each individual's multiple plans and goals under constraints of time and other resources. Emotions are also part of the biological solution to the problem of how to plan and to carry out action aimed at satisfying multiple goals in environments, which are not always predictable.

Emotions are based on non-propositional communications that can be called 'emotion signalsAn interesting aspect of research is "Can emotions exist and exert influence at the unconscious level?" Freud's view was that emotions could not be unconscious, that their experience is bound with the conscious experience, and that only predispositions towards certain emotions can exist in the unconscious (contempt, disgust, and shame); supplying it's own unique kind of motivating information. According to our textbook (Bukato & Daehler 1998) emotions have three components. The physiological component involves body changes. This includes respiration, increased heart rate and sweating. Smiles, grimaces, frowns and laughter are all facial displays that are part of the expressive component. How a person interprets and evaluates their emotional state is the experiential component. Development of Emotions The...