Empire Records.

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The movie takes off with Lucas closing up the store for the night. While breaking all of Joe's rules, except for not counting all of the money twice, Lucas discovers that the store is in danger of closing and becoming a Music Town store. In order to save the store, Lucas takes all the money, and instead of putting it in the bank, he goes to Atlantic City. While there, Lucas doubles his money in minutes. Unfortunately right after he looses everything.

The next morning A.J. and Mark find Lucas asleep on his motorcycle outside the store. After finding out that Lucas went to Atlantic City, A.J. realizes that Lucas lost the stores money. Lucas rides away just as Joe pulls up to the store. Joe isn't happy, because it's "Rex Manning Day." As they enter the store, Joe gets two phone calls. One is from the bank, the other from the store's owner, Mitch.

Both calls are about the missing money. As Joe searches for Lucas and the money, Corey and Gina arrive at the store. Corey has just decided that today she will lose her virginity to Rex Manning, the singer that signs autographs in the store. Mark, A.J., Corey, and Gina clean up and then open the store. A.J. tells Joe that he's going to tell Corey he loves her by 1:37pm. Then Joe tells A.J. to go fix the sign on the roof.

Lucas shows up at the store, explains to Joe what the money is doing in Atlantic City, and is told to sit on the couch and not move until he can get the $9,000. Deborah arrives a little later, and after getting her head shaved. While Deborah and Gina chat, Lucas sneaks off the couch and spots a shoplifter. Lucas scares...