Employe Privacy Rights in the Workplace

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Is there privacy in the workplace? All employers must do their best to balance privacy rights against the need to create and maintain a safe and secure work environment. "You check your privacy at the door when you enter the workplace." (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse 2001) Employers want to make sure that their employees are doing their job, but at the same time employers do not want to take away any feeling of security that their employees have. When an employee is hired for a job the employer should automatically tell their potential employees up front what rights their employees do and do not have, it is the employees' choice whether or not to accept the job. I mean, of course, no one wants every trip to the bathroom or water fountain monitored, but if you accept that as part of working for a particular company then do not complain about it deal with it.

When accept a job offer is accepted, it the job of the employees to respect the rights of privacy that are given to them inside the workplace. Employees expect to have a little privacy at work but it does not work that way. Monitoring what goes on in the workplace is a wonderful thing. If employers did not monitor what goes on in their companies, then a great deal of companies would probably be run into the ground.

In the old days, there was not much monitoring that employees could do, because technology was not as advanced as it is now. In these days, employers monitor various activities that take place inside the workplace, such as: email, internet, keystrokes, phone conversations, property searches, drug testing, background checks, etc. Employees may feel like monitoring these things is an invasion of their privacy, but I believe once...