Employee Empowerment Paper

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Running head: Employee Empowerment Paper

Employee Empowerment Paper

Bonnie Garcia

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Employee Empowerment Paper

Employee empowerment in an organization is about finding new ways, strategy and philosophy to help employees with making positive decision. Empowerment helps management to empower, train and let employees own and controls his or her decision making about work, responsibilities and response to new ideas. "Empowerment is the process of enabling or authorizing an individual to think, behaves, take action, and control work and decision making in autonomous ways" (Heathfield, Susan, 2008). Empowerment is inspiring another to take control of his or her destiny and life.

Employment in an organization requires management to create a workplace environment where employees feel safe, listen to and valued. Creating an environment where employee's opinion matters allows for employees to be motivated and work as a team to communicate and improve strategies and activities.

Positive environments allows for employees to feel like they are a positive contributing to the organization process, growth and development. (Heathfield, Susan, 2008)

Using a flat organization strategic promotes employee involved in all areas of an organization. Flat organization promotes teamwork and empowerment, decision making and working in groups. "In flat organizations, decisions are made faster, entrepreneurial creativity of employees is released, and ideas are managed better" (Gates, Bill, 2008). Flat organizations rely on teams and individuals to empower each other in order for the organization to be success.

Team empowerment increases increase ownership in decision making and allows for employees to gain ownership of ideas. Teamwork allows for employees to use a multitude of brains. Teamwork empowers individuals to be put their strengths together in order to have a collective accountability and ideas. Teamwork consists of brain storming and using the diverse strengths and expertise...