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True empowerment is based upon a belief, a belief that each and every employee, regardless of their role, has the potential to be innovative, solve problems and make a lasting contribution to the overall success of an organization. Empowerment is an employee who can do whatever he has to do on the spot to take care of customer to that customer's satisfaction, not to the company's satisfaction. If the customer doesn't win, the company losesEmployees in a service organization and particularly, those who have frequent contacts with the customer usually serve as representatives of both the organization and their products or services to the customer at contact point. The quality of the service and the satisfaction the customer may derive will be an assessment of the entire service experience. Employees who are empowered in an organization can either portray a positive or negative picture to the customersHotel industry is one of the most sensitive and to maintain a competitive edge in hospitality industries, considerable emphasis has been placed on providing quality services for customers.

While the work attitudes and behaviours of staff who deliver these services can influence the experiences of service by customers. Front-line employees must have authority to respond to the needs and problems of individual customers with speed and courtesy. Empowerment applications in hotel enterprises are an important method to increase personnel productivity, which make them feel esteemed by the management by including employees in decisional activities by asking them to participate in the planning stage and by recompensing and supporting them with continous sufficient training.

The basic source of providing competetive advantage and the customer satisfaction in the hotel enterprises is the employee.

To measure employee empowerment there can be many parameters but the most rudimentary five Parameteres on which employee empowerment can be measured are...